Why Donate Blood?

You don't need any special particluar reason to give blood.
You may have your own personal reason.

*In 2011, my brother suffered a Sickle Cell Crisis and needed a Full Body Exchanged. He needed over 35 Units of Blood in one single night. Had LifeStream not had the blood on hand, my brother would not be alive today!

*You may have a family member that often requires blood transfusions.


*You may just have a Huge Heart for giving blood. 


Whatever your reasons for wanting to contribute to a worthy cause, we salute you today and want you to be proud of help saving lives! 

Types of Blood Donations

Blood Donations are vital to our very existence. Donations of "whole Blood" is the most common type of blood donations, but there are several other types as well.


>Blood (Whole Blood) Donations     >Platelet Apheresis

>Double Red Blood Cells           >Autologous Donations


 >Directed Donations           >Plasma Apheresis

Hosting a Blood Drive

Whether you are a Community Faithed Based Organization, High School, Local Business Owner, or just a Community Adovcate; Please call SCDFOC and we will help faciliate a Successful Blood Drive. Contact us via email at: info@scdfoc.org or call at : (949) 331-8121

Hydrate- Drink plenty of fluids on the day of your blood donation


Wear Something Comfortable- Make sure you wear sleeves that can be easily accessible.


Maintain a Healthy Level of Iron in Your Diet Before Donation Time- Include Iron-Rich Foods in your diet.


Bring a List of Medications You Are Taing (if any)- Please provide the blood center with a list of any/all non-prescribe and prescribed medications you are taking.