A Teenager - Must Have Book

Being a teenage girl is tough everyone is trying to find their place in the big crowd. Whether you are looking for acceptance or just a spot in the cafeteria. Belonging or finding a place to fit in is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. Most teenagers are not who they appear to be on the surface. Underneath, the mask of appearance, they are dealing with the self-esteem issues, crushes, jealousy, image snatchers, and temptation.  Confidence is something you wear and not something that can be bought or exchanged. How you carry yourself is how others will see you. Keep dreaming and never stop reaching. 

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A Journal to chronicle your faily thoughts, pain, and feelings

This Journal was created for those who suffer from bad relationships, suffering from chronic illnesses; such as sickle cell disease,cancer, depression, or even for that one person who feel alone. Allow this Journal to be the place where you channel those thoughts and release them. Holding bad feelings in can only cause harm to you. You were created to shine bright as the morning star! Allow these pages to become a testimony of just how far you have over come. Be Encouraged, Stay Inspired and Remember To “Live by Design, Not by Diagnosis”

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Living by Design, Not by Diagnosis

As a mother of two children living with this sickle cell disease and an advocate for those living with this disease, Starlerra knows firsthand of the challenges those face with love ones who are living with a chronic illnesses. Starlerra, challenge you to help those in need regardless of their economic background, religious preference, and lets start today in making a social change! "We all have one gift that is mirrored through all of us and that is the gift of love!" Say, Starlerra. Let us love one another and give hope and help those live again! It is time for us to forget those things that are behind us and reach before the things in front of us. I encourage you today to take up your Spiritual Tool as a Blacksmith and handle the fire of God. These challenges and oppositions that you are facing in your life, are only there to make you stronger. You will not stumble “says the Lord.” We have been given intelligence on the enemy. 

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