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About us

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County was founded in 2006, by Starlerra Simmons, as a 501(c)(3) organization of the Internal Revenue Service. 

The need of Public Awareness for Sickle Cell Disease is so urgently clear: without the serious jointed effort of education and support for those affected with SCD, those affected have no real chance of living a long and healthy life. The impact will mitigate the challenges to truly "Live by Design, Not by Diagnosis". By educating, empowering, and equipping those individuals with Sickle Cell Disease to take charge of the disease. The program also provides education on dealing with the physical, psychological, mental, social, economic, health care, and pain management.


The Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County specifically targets those with Sickle Cell Disease and their families. Secondary, will be the educational awareness to caregivers, educators, and the community. Because each of our lives is closely knit to one another, by significantly impacting one; you will have a positive outcome of touching them all. We are focused on bringing awareness throughout the entire Orange County and surrounding areas. 




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