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Starlerra ("Star") Simmons is a lifelong resident and business owner of Orange County, whose roots resident deep in Orange County. Star is an entrepreneur in her own right, which consistently puts her "in the trenches" and arenas that most would circumvent, in both her professional and private life. Her expertise is focused on the areas of Educational Access and Advocacy. 

For Star, the sky is the limit; therefore there is no limit in life's possibilities. She encourages and challenges family, friends, and colleagues to push beyond their limitations and rise to new heights. This mindset is repeatedly reflected in the Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County.

With the launch of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County in 2003, in which she is the Founder and President, she leads Orange County in becoming the principal driving force in support services for those living with Sickle Cell by teaching and aiding all to "Live by Design, Not By Diagnosis". She believes and lives for educating people of all walks of life, about the effects, challenges, responsibilities, and challenges that affect those whose lives are impacted by Sickle Cell Disease. 

Download: Starlerra Simmons-Bio

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