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SCDFOC Team Members monitor federal legislation affecting the SCD and health communities and educate individuals with SCD on the implications of legislation.


We provide education advocacy for patients, families, and caregivers. SCDFOC provides educational advocacy support for 504 and IEP Planning, Meetings, and ensures all patients are given an equal opportunity to a fair education.


  • Assist parents with requesting 504 Accommodations.

  • Assist parents with finding an evaluator for eligibility.

  • Assessment & Eligibility.

  • Provide an Advocate from SCDFOC to attend the Section 504 Team Assessment Meeting.

  • Intervention, Implementation, and Evaluation.

  • Section 504 Plan Referral.

  • Problem Identification & Analysis.

  • Provide parents with personalized consultation, knowledge, and skills for their children.

  • Form collaborative relationships between students, parents, and school personnel.

"Academic Challenges SCD Patients Face in Education"

Children with SCD experience symptoms and complications differently. Acute pain crises, are unpredictable and can be caused by a variety of factors, including changes in air temperature, lower oxygen levels, stress, and infection. Some patients with SCD may require daily medications and/or intensive treatments that need to be managed at home or require hospitalization, blood transfusion, and medical appointments. As a result, many children in primary and secondary education with SCD, have been found to miss multiple days of school per year. Academic progress is further hindered by SCD and SCD-related school absences. 

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