Charon Simmons, BSc, SCD Educator, Patient, Advocate

Charon Simmons is an extraordinary young man who has beaten the odds-not once, but all is life. No battle was more important, however, than the life-threatening shut his body endured in September 2011.

Charon was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at and early age and managed to deal with all his complications head on. In September 2011, Charon however had a crisis which caused him to code blue for three minutes, then thirteen minutes. Charon was left on life support and endured a coma, acute kidney failure, and renal failure. Charon was given  an  5% Life Expectancy. In 2012, Charon returned back to college to finish pursuing his education after extensive therapy. In 2015, Charon graduated College (cum laude of his class while) receiving his Bachelor of Science and he is now pursuing his Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology.

Since the age of 15, Charon has dedicated himself and his walk to helping others who suffer from the challenges of sickle cell disease. He has appeared on various networks speaking about sickle cell disease, appeared in numerous newspapers, and has lead his voice in many radio outlets; while educating the community; while bringing awareness about sickle cell disease. 
Charon is a Board Member of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County, Licensed Sickle Cell Disease Educator, and Spokesperson for Sickle Cell Disease. 

Charon has proven that sickle cell disease is just an obstacle and you can obtain anything you put your mind too. He is a true and living testimony of what "not giving up" looks like.  

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